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Issue of Passports on Expiry

Application for issue of a new passport should be made within six months before expiry of the old passport. Applications are also entertained within one year after expiry of the passport. Applicants are requested to kindly note:

  • Validity of passports is no longer being extended and new passports have to be applied for on expiry of old passports.

  • Applicants must apply for issue of new passport in time and avoid requesting the Embassy for Short Validity Passports (SVP), which are hand written, issued for a short period only and are moreover not accepted by many countries.

  • Incomplete forms will be summarily returned at the applicant’s cost.

  • Only photos as per specifications given below should be submitted. Passports Applications with photos that do not match the specifications given below are liable to be rejected by the Embassy and foreign immigration authorities.

Signatures/Thumb impression

  • Signatures/Thumb impressions should appear in the middle of the signature box. Females should use their right thumb, and males their left thumb on the application forms. Signatures/thumb impressions may be done in black ink appearing within the signature box. Signatures/thumb impressions running out of the signature boxes will not be accepted. Signatures/thumb impressions must be submitted in original and fax copy of the same cannot be accepted.

  • Signatures of children below 15 years of age are not required. Only thumb impression is sufficient in their case.

If the application is found to be in order in all respects and no other prior reference is required to be made, the passport is normally issued within 4 to 6 weeks. Please avoid making telephonic enquiries before six weeks as unnecessary telephone calls cause dislocation of work resulting in pendency.

1. For Online Passport Application Form : https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/

2. Requirement of photograph (photograph specifications) for Passport : https://passport.gov.in/oci/Photo-Spec-FINAL.pdf

 3. Passport Fee, Fee Schedule of Consular Services